Gil Amminadav (Kobrin)

Father, Husband, and Travel Agent in Jerusalem, Israel

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Born & raised in Jerzey, spent most of my childhood in the shadow of NYC. Now I live, work, & study in JLM, a very different kind of city.

I love meeting people from across the world. Want to broaden your horizons, get some perspective on your own background, & find more things to love about humanity? I found that opening my home to couchsurfers & traveling a bit myself have been amazing experiences.

I also answer questions about travel onFiverr.



Over the years I've found many services that I like. A lot. And I get a lot of good use out of them - both professionally & personally.

Lately, more & more of my friends and colleagues are asking me for recommendations & referrals. Without making any promises or guarantees, I'll start sharing some of what I've found right here. (FYI any links marked with an asterisk * are affiliate links.)


- Want to level up your bodymind in northern NJ? Try the Blue Dragon School of Martial Arts. With a balanced focus on both self-defense and meditation, they have very wise instructors & a really supportive student body.

- Want to rebuild your credit? Make a loan to yourself with SelfLender.* It helped me in rebuilding my personal credit after a few student loan debacles.

- Love traveling, already have a decent credit score, & live in the USA? Study the tutorials at the Travel Hacking Cartel.* Learn how to earn 100k+ of miles with stuff you're already buying & how to best use those miles in booking travel.


- Started a small business, like me? Check out the video courses on Fizzle.* They're really well put-together & I've learned a lot from them about both launching a blog & effective email marketing.

- Decided to start an email list (good move!)? See if MailChimp* meets your needs. Easy to use & they work really well with a whole bunch of other programs (especially WordPress).

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